1. Guilty till proven innocent

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    Last night Mumbai’s Joint commissioner of police Himanshu Roy was on CNN-IBN, to talk about the Vijay Palande-Simran Sood duo, accused of four murders. No doubt this story has been a talking point in Mumbai over the last few days, with newspapers devoting a significant share of newsprint to how...
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    The Facebook Timeline is a new feature that most FB users started using (willingly or unwillingly) since the last month or so. For all those who are quite annoyed with the user-unfriendliness of this new feature, let me tell you, I have been putting up and coping with Timeline for...
  3. Social media’s sach ka saamna

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    By Nisha Sanjeev As I sat to write today, I realised it has been almost two weeks since I penned my thoughts as I was tied up at work more than I could help. Neither did I follow networkers nor checked mail. Worse still felt guilty as I didn’t tune...
  4. No face to tweet

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    By T S SudhirAt a time when both the US and the UK are hit by facebook suicide (100,000 Facebook users in Britain deactivated their accounts in May 2011, while six million have reportedly logged out in the US so far), Barack Obama has clicked `like’ on facebook. And decided...