1. Did Lakshmi remember me?

    Posted by Rama Menon
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    In 2005, it was just like any other day when I went about my daily chores when I heard the incessant barking of dogs. I dismissed it as some petty vendor or rag picker being chased by the canines given their allergy towards men/women carrying sacks. However, curiosity got the better...
  2. To my fother

    Posted by Bhavana Upadhyaya
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    Mother says you threatened to leave her if a girl was born. And that she was surprised when you held me with delight. And that for months afterwards you were the one who put me to sleep at night, rolling on your warm brown shoulders to the rumble of your...
  3. Early morning epiphanies

    Posted by Pooja
    “Morning Sunshine, wake up, go get ready…the maid is here…she needs to clean the floor…get up …” *SNORE* I groaned and pulled the blanket over my head to drown out the hustle and bustle of a typical Iyer household in the outskirts of Coimbatore. But I failed. There was a...
  4. Meter podu in the south

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    Wonder if the notorious autorickshaw drivers will fleece you less but atleast you will be aware they are fleecing you. Meterpodu is a crowdsourcing tool to get approximate auto-rickshaw fares for cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Mysore. Log on to the site, punch in your details of start and...
  5. I am Manmohan Singh

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    By T S Sudhir Yes, I am Manmohan Singh. As were atleast 40-50 people in Coimbatore day before yesterday. Watch this clip to know why I am saying this. You see in the CCTV footage, motorists at a fairly busy traffic junction watching on neutral gear a man being beaten,...
  6. Distant rain and the magic of Ilayaraja

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    By Ashish Vidyarthi   As we readied ourselves for the night sequence in the bungalow, our director Jawahar set up a crane shot to capture the exterior lit-up for the wedding song, against the blue of the gathering dusk. The humidity and heat of the day had given way to...
  7. Life begins at 58 here

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    By K Seshadri “The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes but in liking what one does” : James M BarrieWhen I retired from public sector service in 1987, staying put at home was the last thought on my mind. It was difficult because I had been...