1. Meter podu in the south

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    Wonder if the notorious autorickshaw drivers will fleece you less but atleast you will be aware they are fleecing you. Meterpodu is a crowdsourcing tool to get approximate auto-rickshaw fares for cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Mysore. Log on to the site, punch in your details of start and...
  2. Yahoo in the driver’s seat

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    Yahoo may be at the receiving end in court, thanks to the government’s offensive against select websites but as Sonika Bakshi found, at least autorickshaw drivers in Hyderabad, like to say good morning in Yahoo style. 
  3. My morning date with a cabbie

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    By Nisha Sanjeev October 31, 2010: It was just another morning. 4.15am: The alarm woke the husband up. He in turn shook me awake. My march for the day began thus. Like any other weekday. 4.25am: Off to kitchen from the washroom, I packed three takeaways. 4.55am: I settled to...