1. Does your dentist know Sanskrit?

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    How would it be if your dentist next asks you to open your mouth in Sanskrit? Foxed. Well,  it could well happen if Karnataka’s medical education minister S A Ramdas has his way. Ramdas wants dental students to learn Sanskrit to understand their subjects better. The Times of India reports...
  2. Happy Teachers Day

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  3. You are pushing students out of school

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    The story in `The Hindu‘ today from a Bangalore school where four students, admitted under the Right to Education (RTE) quota, were discriminated against by cutting their hair, was waiting to happen. In this case, the school, which has been opposed to the RTE’s 25 per cent quota for economically...
  4. Handwriting…Going…Going…Gone

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    Is it time to write an obit to yet another ancient human skill? While computers and the Internet have made English the global language, they have also just about killed cursive writing or handwriting today. The focus is totally on the computer keyboard. Beyond computer keyboards, texting also moves people...
  5. Early morning epiphanies

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    “Morning Sunshine, wake up, go get ready…the maid is here…she needs to clean the floor…get up …” *SNORE* I groaned and pulled the blanket over my head to drown out the hustle and bustle of a typical Iyer household in the outskirts of Coimbatore. But I failed. There was a...
  6. Patience is a virtue when you are teaching

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    From settling in with a bunch of 31 kids (read 7-year-old monsters!!) to writing out 300 sight words from the dolch list of words on strips of fluorescent paper, sticking them with glue one after another to make an “English word wall” late into the night, to coming out of...
  7. Kerala is not 100% literate

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    Blip in Kerala’s social indices. A study by the Kerala Institute of Local Administration finds about 2.2 lakh people belonging to the Scheduled Castes in the state are illiterate. This is 9.5 % of the Dalit population. Deccan Chronicle reports that this study on scheduled caste habitat and families also...
  8. On the 64 squares, 24×7

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    One of the regrets we have is that our daughter Tejaswini quit training in chess. She had joined well-known chess coach and International Master Lanka Ravi’s academy in Secunderabad when she was just about six years old but a few tournaments later, we realised that it takes a lot to...