1. India and Bharat have to study together

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    The Supreme Court’s judgement upholding the constitutional validity of the Right to Education Act is a welcome decision. It means all schools except unaided minority institutions and boarding schools now will have to reserve 25 per cent seats for economically backward students. RTE aims at providing free and compulsory education...
  2. No volcano forms in a day

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    The news of a class IX student in Chennai stabbing his Hindi teacher to death has come as a shock to every one. But no volcano forms in a day. It is pent-up energy in the child in the form of frustration that he has given vent to. Child is...
  3. `Celebrating’ Republic Day

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    By Isidore Phillips It is that time of the year when you will find young boys and girls peddling the national flag to you at every traffic junction. What do we do? Sometimes we shell out that 5 or 10 rupees, whatever it costs to buy the national flag. Most...