1. To my fother

    Posted by Bhavana Upadhyaya
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    Mother says you threatened to leave her if a girl was born. And that she was surprised when you held me with delight. And that for months afterwards you were the one who put me to sleep at night, rolling on your warm brown shoulders to the rumble of your...
  2. Newlyweds

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    He watched his new bride fold the laundry. Including handkerchiefs. Just like his mother. They were so alike. It was an embarrassing thought. Did men really end up marrying their mothers? He tried to dismiss the thought. “What do you love about me?” he asked. She smiled and said “You...
  3. When my mother sang

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    This blog is about one of the most beautiful experiences Amritha, my wife and I had. In December 2001, my father-in-law suffered a stroke and Amritha spent a month in Chennai. On her return to Mumbai, she asked me, “Why don’t you ask for a posting to Chennai?” “Why?” I...
  4. My mother’s second childhood

    Posted by Navin Chandra Joshi
    By Navin Chandra Joshi   Lost in the folds of a bridal sari, too long for her tiny figure, my mother stepped into her wedlock and teenage almost simultaneously. In those days, a girl would not just be married to a man but to his entire family and the household’s...