1. No Laxman rekha for Sita

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    Have the learned judges of the Bombay High court overstepped the Laxman rekha by observing that an Indian wife should be like Sita? The case related to a divorce petition. The reason was the wife’s unwillingness to move with her husband to Port Blair, after the Shipping Corporation of India...
  2. Newlyweds

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    He watched his new bride fold the laundry. Including handkerchiefs. Just like his mother. They were so alike. It was an embarrassing thought. Did men really end up marrying their mothers? He tried to dismiss the thought. “What do you love about me?” he asked. She smiled and said “You...
  3. Be Henpecked to be Happy

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    By R V Rajan Even after 40 years of married life, I have not learnt my lessons. In spite of the fact that I consider myself a ‘women’s libber` trying to do a lot of things to help my wife (or so I think).  Things, which very few of my generation...
  4. `Your wife is naked’

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    By Uma Sudhir A socially conscious friend who has been a lecturer in a Christian college for women in Hyderabad for over 20 years says it is heartening that 75 per cent of her students now are Muslims girls. “More and more of them are also wearing the burqa,” she...