1. My name is Aam aadmi and I am not a VIP

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    Dear Dr Manmohan Singh, Pranaam. No, I am not Shahrukh Khan, lest you associate this line only with the Wankhede boy. Yesterday evening, the moment I heard the news of the hike in price of petrol, I rushed to the nearest petrol bunk. Typical aam aadmi reaction, I hear u...
  2. Time to host a farewell party

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    Manmohan Singh should send a `Thankyou card’ to Kapil Sibal. Witness how admirably, though unconvincingly, the Telecom minister stressed the fact that the PM had `zero’ role to play in the entire decision process on 2G.   Which is perhaps why the Congress thinks the BJP is wrong when it accuses...
  3. I am Manmohan Singh

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    By T S Sudhir Yes, I am Manmohan Singh. As were atleast 40-50 people in Coimbatore day before yesterday. Watch this clip to know why I am saying this. You see in the CCTV footage, motorists at a fairly busy traffic junction watching on neutral gear a man being beaten,...