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    The Facebook Timeline is a new feature that most FB users started using (willingly or unwillingly) since the last month or so. For all those who are quite annoyed with the user-unfriendliness of this new feature, let me tell you, I have been putting up and coping with Timeline for...
  2. The duplicity over Lokpal Bill

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    By Prasaanth Menon From the beginning, I have been critical of the way Team Anna (the threesome of the Anna, the Arvind and the Kiran – ‘the’ is necessary, as they’ve become phenomena) went about their crusade against corruption. The writing on the wall was there for everyone to see, but no one...
  3. The journey began with `Fountainhead’

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    In 1989, I was a 12-year-old and in seventh grade. We, a group of 45 students, were part of the Bharathamatha Family, a Christian Missionary Convent, where this young and vivacious teacher took charge of our English Class. Her Name was Sushma Menon and when she entered, the whole class...
  4. DAM999 lacks dum

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    By Prasanth Menon The movie is based on a documentary ‘Dams – The lethal water bombs’ also directed by Roy Sohan (who is director of DAM999). Number 9 has a lot of significance in the context of the  Mullaperiyar dam, and hence the movie name 999. It refers to the...