1. When you are helpless, you turn poetic

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    This is an email received from Sohan Hattangadi from Visakhapatnam. Here he takes to poetry, `inspired’ by the Vizag collector’s resolve that the city will be like Mumbai in a decade.  `The South Reports’ reproduces Sohan’s mail in full :  Our youthful collector said that Vizag will become like Mumbai in 10...
  2. Smells like Bombay

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    Smells can bring back memories. That whiff of lilac talc that reminds you of your mother, the fresh new plastic-ky smell of Mr.Clean crayons of childhood, the damp smell of books that take me back to the dingy library of my college. They might not be all around you, but...
  3. Home away from Home

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    I am a hardcore loyalist. Be it my favorite barber, tailor, grocery store, travel agent, medical shop or anyone providing any form of service, I tend to be loyal to the one who gives me consistently good service. I have even  been a loyal husband to my wife for the...
  4. How most Mumbai girls get their daily dose of romance

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    This is how most Mumbai girls get their daily dose of romance on their way to work or college – with the cover and the title covered up. But you can show off this new title from M&B, written by a passionate romantic from the city – the debut novel...
  5. The Anthropological Taxonomy of Mumbaikars

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    By Raamesh Gowri Raghavan Abstract: As a Mumbaikar, born in Matunga and raised in military cantonments, I have had both an indsider’s and an outsider’s perspective of this city in which I have made (and unmade) my destiny. This has given me a unique (and unenviable) chance to observe the...
  6. For me, it is still Bombay meri jaan

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    By R V Rajan The Bombay I knew, was known for its excellent public transport system which ensured that you reached your destinations on time. A Bombay man was never late for an appointment. You had a choice of local trains, buses and taxis. Though the local trains were very crowded and...
  7. Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki…

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    Friday at noon, for a short while, I was running around the Chembur Cremation Ground/Electric crematorium looking around for Tulsi leaves. I was there for a friend’s cremation and the last rites involved placing, among other things, tulsi leaves (which an uncle had forgotten to buy from the market) on...