1. Bombay Journal

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    Deja Vu All Over Again… Three friends, 45 years later, sit in a palatial Khar apartment in this siren city, enjoying the cocktail hour. Dinner is a couple of hours away. This is the first time that I can remember that Yogi, Mirchi and I have sat together since our...
  2. Smells like Bombay

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    Smells can bring back memories. That whiff of lilac talc that reminds you of your mother, the fresh new plastic-ky smell of Mr.Clean crayons of childhood, the damp smell of books that take me back to the dingy library of my college. They might not be all around you, but...
  3. For me, it is still Bombay meri jaan

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    By R V Rajan The Bombay I knew, was known for its excellent public transport system which ensured that you reached your destinations on time. A Bombay man was never late for an appointment. You had a choice of local trains, buses and taxis. Though the local trains were very crowded and...
  4. Bombay se aya mera dost

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    By V Desikan   Chill out music emerged in the early and mid-1990s. But my friend B and I had a chilled out night way back in 1967. When I hesitantly entered the portals of the Madras Institute of Technology, some one called out “Hey, James, come and see me...