1. When you are helpless, you turn poetic

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    This is an email received from Sohan Hattangadi from Visakhapatnam. Here he takes to poetry, `inspired’ by the Vizag collector’s resolve that the city will be like Mumbai in a decade.  `The South Reports’ reproduces Sohan’s mail in full :  Our youthful collector said that Vizag will become like Mumbai in 10...
  2. Fear Ye

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    Fear ye not the ravines, the jungles, the swamps for there be but the desperate, the hungry, the ignorant, a few may indulge in guns there, sharpen machetes but what proof are they to a few sacks of rice, a yard of cloth, a hovel of mud: quake not before...
  3. The Cry Of the Dead

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    By Amrita Sarkar   That Still Unravished ghost of quietness Foster child of silence and unraveled time Who cannot express thoughts, feelings, emotions Which once god gave you all.   You are no man, you are no god, Wild estacy you have em’ all Lay buried in that dark mud...