1. Ab aaya hai oonth pahaad key nichey

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    So, it has finally happened, after nine months of low-brow nautanki. The arrest of Jaganmohan Reddy, that is. The arrest was long past due; in fact it was nine months in the making. But better late than never, I am thinkng. But before we move on with this post, here’s...
  2. `The Indian Express’ blows hot air

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    I am great fan of The Indian Express, and the fact that I was on the late Ramnath Goenka’s dime for nearly four years, is one of the reasons, though not the most critical reason. The Indian Express is a great newspaper, slightly right-of-center, the way I like it, and...
  3. Keeping an eye on paid media

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      The next time you report on the winning chances of a candidate and the appeal of a party in any election coverage story, you will come under the purview of ‘paid news’ and the expenditure on the story will get added on to the candidate’s election expenditure.   On...