1. Ab aaya hai oonth pahaad key nichey

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    So, it has finally happened, after nine months of low-brow nautanki. The arrest of Jaganmohan Reddy, that is. The arrest was long past due; in fact it was nine months in the making. But better late than never, I am thinkng. But before we move on with this post, here’s...
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    Facebook’s IPO, reported to the biggest public floatation for an Internet company, opens Thursday, 17th May. The eight-year-old company is expected to raise nearly USD 16 billion, with sale of 421 million equity shares. Facebook will be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange on Friday. According to Forbes, an American...
  3. To call it attack on freedom of press is baloney

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    So, now it is a Congress-TDP plot, is it? The claim by Jaganmohan Reddy, leader of the YSR Congress (read Jagan’s post here), that the freezing of the accounts of three of his companies that the CBI’s action is mendacious, and I am being generous about this. I would have...