1. Hyderabad’s date with 26 artists

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    Twenty six artists come together to present a collection of contemporary paintings in Hyderabad from February 11-18 at the Muse Art Gallery at Hotel Marriot. Presenting a preview on `The South Reports’.
  2. Bapu on canvas

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    Mahatma Gandhi proved on several occasions that Ahimsa (a term derived from Sanskrit meaning literally ‘the avoidance of violence’) is not the meek submission before the will of the wrongdoer. Rather Ahimsa is a fight using soul-force against the will of a tyrant which ultimately yields victory. The concept of...
  3. Yeh Lal Rang !

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    A hero is travelling from Karnataka in search of his heroine. In this journey, he travels to various places. The hero of this story is not revealed. There is also a villain who is trying to chase the heroine. What happens next? This story is curated with more than seventy pictures of TEAM...
  4. Hyderabad’s lakes in sepia

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    Photograph of the River Musi photographed by Deen Dayal in the 1880s. The Musi, a tributary of the Krishna river, is 52 miles long from its source in the western Anantgiri hills to the eastern boundary of Hyderabad city. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah (r.1580-1612) founded Hyderabad city beside the River...