1. Chameleon-like Jeans !

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    This summer, if you find girls wearing jeans that change colours, it is time to get jealous ! Yes, literally so. Jealous 21, has introduced a range of denims for women, called `Magic Jeans’ that changes colours as soon as you wear them. This happens because the denim fibre has...
  2. Yeh Lal Rang !

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    A hero is travelling from Karnataka in search of his heroine. In this journey, he travels to various places. The hero of this story is not revealed. There is also a villain who is trying to chase the heroine. What happens next? This story is curated with more than seventy pictures of TEAM...
  3. Bura na mano, aaj Holi hai

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    By T S Sudhir   I just finished reading Chetan Bhagat’s 2009 book `2 States’. He begins with a disclaimer that he loves south Indians. I too start off with the disclaimer that I love north Indians. As a Tam Brahm (Palghat Iyer to be more precise) who grew up...
  4. My wardrobe malfunction

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    Prannoy Roy had added a couple of smileys and exclamation marks to a mail that he forwarded to me a couple of years ago. A viewer of NDTV had objected to what he saw on air on the channel on December 9, 2009. The viewer’s unhappiness was not about the...