1. Chameleon-like Jeans !

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    This summer, if you find girls wearing jeans that change colours, it is time to get jealous ! Yes, literally so. Jealous 21, has introduced a range of denims for women, called `Magic Jeans’ that changes colours as soon as you wear them. This happens because the denim fibre has...
  2. An ass-et called Flying Machine

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    Tucked in the morning newspapers was an ad that your eyes could not simply miss. You took a second look. The sensuous buttocks of a slender beauty bending down to apparently flaunt her opulent back in the jeans she is sporting with an appalling tagline: Kiss My Ass ! Provocative...
  3. In Kerala, watch your jeans !

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    Wear ultra low-waist jeans in Kerala and you could be asking for trouble. Youngsters in Chavakkad in Kerala’s Thrissur district were booked by local cops citing “public nuisance” for “exposing” their undergarments. The police cited complaints by women, school authorities for their action. A police officer was quoted by local...