1. To my fother

    Posted by Bhavana Upadhyaya
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    Mother says you threatened to leave her if a girl was born. And that she was surprised when you held me with delight. And that for months afterwards you were the one who put me to sleep at night, rolling on your warm brown shoulders to the rumble of your...
  2. I’m Not Cheese

    Posted by Corinne Rodrigues
    Recently I bumped in to a whole of people who I knew about 20 years back. They were all much younger than me and truth be told, looked ancient! I turned to a friend who’s about my age and said “Is it my imagination or do they look old?” And...
  3. The young must write

    Posted by Nivedita N
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    A girl dressed in a blue color salwar, a pink color scarf over her head and a sweet smile. She was reciting a poem on the colors of her duppatta. It evoked so many emotions. Not just in me but also the people around. Every line written with thought and...
  4. Burn the Veil and Break the Ice

    Posted by G Veda Vyass
    Trends. This is one word that will always be there and the change in trends will always remain a constant element. Boot cut pants were a fashion of the 70’s and 80’s. Denim has bogarted the Indian industry thereafter. They never realized that this was not comfortable to conditions that...
  5. Early morning epiphanies

    Posted by Pooja
    “Morning Sunshine, wake up, go get ready…the maid is here…she needs to clean the floor…get up …” *SNORE* I groaned and pulled the blanket over my head to drown out the hustle and bustle of a typical Iyer household in the outskirts of Coimbatore. But I failed. There was a...
  6. Great novels, great endings

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    In the 60’s, I was a young man with good habits – playing outdoor games, listening to music, reading books, besides studying reasonably well. All my yesteryears’ pastimes have now vanished into thin air – I do not play games, rarely listen to music and I have just read one...
  7. My Chennai sojourn

    Posted by Bhavana Upadhyaya
    I love my former city, Albuquerque — like that incredible love which did not end in marriage but remains in your heart as a sigh. Even today, I find myself tossing, yearning for her sight, an embrace. Chennai is my arranged marriage, fixed by destiny. And like that first year...
  8. A Chennai Wedding That Makes A Difference

    Posted by Bhavana Upadhyaya
    I was thinking that morning that this is one wedding I want to attend, one wedding that I would cherish attending, where I would delight in giving the wedding gift. I don’t enjoy weddings. I am not into competitive dressing, competitive jewellery showcasing, or latest gossip, or assessing if bride...
  9. Patience is a virtue when you are teaching

    Posted by Archana Rao
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    From settling in with a bunch of 31 kids (read 7-year-old monsters!!) to writing out 300 sight words from the dolch list of words on strips of fluorescent paper, sticking them with glue one after another to make an “English word wall” late into the night, to coming out of...
  10. I survived to tell the tale

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    Every time he came closer to me, I sensed an indescribable...