1. I survived to tell the tale

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    Every time he came closer to me, I sensed an indescribable...
  2. Wanna be a superman in your family – follow me!

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    By some strange alchemy of evolution, you are ordained to be born to certain parents. Also, by a similar sleight of destiny, you cannot not be a chooser of your siblings and just happen to be one among a group. You are further not empowered to select the birth order...
  3. Food habits die hard

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    By G Mohan In India, hundreds of new packaged food products are launched every year. The common premise is that food is a necessity and increasingly people are short of time so food that offers convenience should do well. Yet, very few products succeed in the marketplace. The urban middle class...
  4. The disunited colours of Tamilnadu politics

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     By T S Sudhir Ghulam Nabi Azad’s health portfolio clearly wasn’t concerned with keeping the DMK-Congress alliance in the pink of health. It is obvious the wily politician from Jammu & Kashmir deliberately kept shifting the line of actual control in the DMK-Congress marriage. He knew it would upset Dr Muthuvel Karunanidhi....