1. Dear GHMC Commissioner

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    Dear GHMC commissioner, I commute to work in Hyderabad. My route is through back-breaking and dug-up roads, through clogged and overflowing drains, and through garbage heaps breeding mosquitoes. You might have received a thousand letters, e-mail and other forms of communication regarding the problems. But, the point is, what have...
  2. I survived to tell the tale

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    Every time he came closer to me, I sensed an indescribable...
  3. Things fall apart for the King of Good Times

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    “Whatever the situation, do not neglect alcohol. No other refreshment will do. Yes, alcohol kills brain cells but it’s very selective. It only kills the brain cells that contain good sense, shame, embarrassment and restraint,” wrote, author P.J.O’Rourke in his book, The Bachelor Home Companion.   This describes the paraphernalia of...