1. An old childhood memory

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    Some interesting developments led me to dredge this thing up from fading memories of a childhood spent on the Indo-Pak frontier. This was a doggerel that we kids used to recite in recess and generally have fun. There are many versions, mostly harmless. But this one isn’t, largely as an...
  2. The buck stops nowhere in the Defence ministry

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    Arackaparambil Kurien Antony came to the Rajya Sabha well prepared, his sleeves rolled up, like always. Those are heavy sleeves for he wears his honesty on them. A reputation built in Kerala’s murky political backwaters where comparisions with the old fox, the late Karunakaran always helped Antony shine bright. He...
  3. A chance for peace beyond the boundary

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    By Bilal Naqeeb   These days thanks to the performance of Shahid Afridi and his boys in the World Cup, cricket is successfully treating the trauma of Pakistani people who have been severely hit with terrorism during last few years. In addition to economic and social losses, terrorism also deprived Pakistan of the...
  4. A battle of nerves

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    By Mehmal Sarfraz   When India won the quarterfinal against Australia on Thursday, there was a mixed reaction in Pakistan. Many people were not happy because now the match that most people in both India and Pakistan dread (but also secretly pine for) was definitely going to take place —...