1. Zindagi ek safar hai suhana …

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    Dear Kaka, Trust this finds you in good company. In the company of your voice, Kishore Kumar and the man who made that possible – R D Burman. Your fans, like me down below, cannot even imagine the melodies you must be getting to lip sync and shake your head...
  2. The Legend called R D Burman

    Posted by Rama Menon
    It’s raining in Hyderabad and I can’t stop humming “rim jhim gire sawan sulag sulag jaaye mann” I love this R.D Burman composition, especially the Kishore Kumar version, because I have always believed that Kishore’s voice complemented Pancham’s music. Gulzar, RD and Asha have been a winning combination too with...
  3. An old childhood memory

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    Some interesting developments led me to dredge this thing up from fading memories of a childhood spent on the Indo-Pak frontier. This was a doggerel that we kids used to recite in recess and generally have fun. There are many versions, mostly harmless. But this one isn’t, largely as an...
  4. Aye Babu Moshai, Rajesh Khanna aaya hai re

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    The original superstar is back. And says “Fans kya hote hai, koyi mujhse poocho”. It is quite possible that you may have decided to switch channels without quite realising that the man making this claim is none other than the original superstar of Bollywood, Rajesh Khanna. Yes, Khanna, now much...