1. Love, cuppa and diet

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    By Nisha Sanjeev It popped up on my kitchen table precisely at the same time on Sunday mornings, even as I returned it to where it should belong every Thursday. Once I threw it into the inner most rack of a cupboard amid rusty old timers, yet it sprung up...
  2. Cafe Hopping in Bangalore

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    By Deepa Bhasthi There used to be a bus that left early in the morning from near Town Hall in Bangalore and showed a bunch of tourists around the city, a day package (oh how I detest those package tours! Shudder!!). I believe they show you around the parks, museums...
  3. KSRTC (Kerala State Roadside Tea and Conversation)

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    He opens his small shop, his enterprise, at the crack of dawn. The water is put to boil, breakfast (usually puttu / rice cakes) is made, bananas are cut, batter is mixed, newspapers are laid out and along come the first punters of the day. A very busy day at...
  4. The Cup That Cheers

    Posted by Navin Chandra Joshi
    I am a tea addict and consider myself fortunate that I appeared on this earth later than tea. When negotiations about my marriage were in progress, my father-in-law secretly enquired through his local emissaries if the boy had any addictions. He was told that the prospect he had in mind...