1. Banaras in my backyard

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    By Deepa Bhasthi After over five years of having lived in the city, we decided that we hadn’t yet seen a lot of sights, not that there were many, but we had never played tourists. So we drew up a plan of ‘seeing Bangalore’, gave the project a fancy name...
  2. Cafe Hopping in Bangalore

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    By Deepa Bhasthi There used to be a bus that left early in the morning from near Town Hall in Bangalore and showed a bunch of tourists around the city, a day package (oh how I detest those package tours! Shudder!!). I believe they show you around the parks, museums...
  3. Being a Farmhand for New Year’s

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    By Deepa Bhasthi The only other time I remember what I did on New Year’s Eve was several years ago, when I was in my teens. I think it was the turn of the millennium and I was left alone at home when my parents went out for someone’s some...