1. Yeddyurappa’s `porn show’

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    B S Yeddyurappa is a desperate man. The lust for the chief minister’s chair, that was taken away from him last year, so strong that he has been issuing frequent deadlines to Nitin Gadkari and company that “appoint me or else”. Unfortunately for him, Gadkari continues to back Sadananda in...
  2. For who Bellary tolls

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    By Uma Sudhir Turning over a new leaf. That is probably happening literally in Bellary, I had reckoned when I travelled there soon after the Supreme Court had ordered a blanket ban on mining and transport of iron ore in the region in July. The contrast between the old and...
  3. Something is rotten in the seat of Karnataka

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    By Raamesh Gowri Raghavan And I am not talking about the mounds of garbage lying uncollected in the streets of Maisuru-formerly-Mysore, Hubbali-formerly-Hubbali or Kalaburgi-formerly-Gulbarga. My eloquence shall not be spent upon the rights of women in the bars of Mangaluru-formerly-Mangalore, the mouldy pink things in Pramod Muthalik’s backyard, or the...
  4. Yeddyurappa’s midlife crisis

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    By T S SudhirThe BJP’s Ram Rajya in Karnataka is going through a huge midlife crisis. Not that there haven’t been attempts before to send its `Ram’ Yeddyurappa into exile but this time the villains of the piece are not the usual Kaikeyi and Vibhishana-like domestic irritants from Bellary. The...