1. Let the Games begin? But in India, they already did

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    The serve was faulty. The volleys were worse. Return of serve was pathetic. And in the end, it was not Advantage India. In fact, Indian tennis has lost the match much before the Queen says `Let the Games begin’. In fact, the games in India began a good seven weeks...
  2. Thirsty Jaya asks Kiran for water

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    Tamilnadu has gently nudged Andhra Pradesh to release 4 TMC feet (four thousand million cubic feet) of water from the Kandaleru reservoir. This is as per the Krishna water agreement under which AP has to release this water between January and April to Chennai. The agreement gives 12 TMC feet...
  3. Something is rotten in the seat of Karnataka

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    By Raamesh Gowri Raghavan And I am not talking about the mounds of garbage lying uncollected in the streets of Maisuru-formerly-Mysore, Hubbali-formerly-Hubbali or Kalaburgi-formerly-Gulbarga. My eloquence shall not be spent upon the rights of women in the bars of Mangaluru-formerly-Mangalore, the mouldy pink things in Pramod Muthalik’s backyard, or the...