1. Swami and Friends. And foes too

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    In July last year, Swami Nityananda’s attempts to get his followers to levitate turned into a hopeless attempt at hopping. Levitation means `to rise or cause to rise into the air and float, in apparent defiance of gravity’. What his disciples ended up doing instead was to simply jump up...
  2. Future bombed

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    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s clarification has failed to pacify me. After making a sweeping statement that “government schools breed naxalism and should be handed over to private players”, he has tried to do some damage-control, saying he was actually referring to “sick government schools in naxal-affected areas”. I would have...
  3. Tera Main

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    Bangalore in the month of May, over a decade ago. A cobbled winding pathway guarded by lush green trees in full bloom. The silver of the moonlight meandering and finding its way through the thick canopy. A cool breeze bringing with it the smell of damp soil. About 50 people...