1. Obama is the Salman Khurshid of America

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    How else does one explain the campaign that President Barack Obama is running to get his tenure extended at White House by four more years. In a no-holds barred campaign, Obama has accused Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs to India when he was the Governor of Massachusetts....
  2. Kerala logs on to Chandy

    Posted by Anil Philip
    By Anil Philip   As I write this blog, I can see Oommen Chandy, the chief minister of Kerala, chairing a meeting with a couple of his ministers, few senior police officers and bureaucrats. But this is not a special privilege that I have because I am a journalist. Even...
  3. Hyderabad remains connected

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    By K Ratna Prabha   Contrary to what everyone believes, 2010-11 has been a good year for the Information Technology industry in Andhra Pradesh. In 2008-09, we did 32,509 crore rupees worth of exports and in 2009-10, it was 33,482 crores. This year, we are expecting to cross 35,000 crores. Which...