1. Valmiki rewrites the last chapter of Ramayana

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    The original Ramayana : Lord Ram returns to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile, after vanquishing Raavan in Lanka. His younger brother Bharat has been holding fort, worshipping Ram’s sandals on the throne. Bharat is overjoyed to see Ram back and the elder brother is crowned king of Ayodhya. But...
  2. The Indian trio deserve more respect

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    By Ashwath Ram For starters, if any of the sane, practical and level-headed Indian cricket fans took the media brags seriously and thought, India who haven’t won a single series in Australia, will pull off a rare series victory Down Under this time around, Congratulations! You have made a fool...
  3. Dada, Retired. Hurt

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    History repeats itself. I can imagine Greg Chappell sniggering miles away somewhere Down under, a la “Mogambo khush huwa”. As coach, Greg had humiliated `Mr India’ Sourav Ganguly, making him invisible from the Indian dressing room. Five years later, 10 franchisees owning IPL teams in different cities of India, gave...