1. Is CBI pursuing a hidden agenda?

    Posted by A. Saye Sekhar
    By A Saye Sekhar   What is the mandate of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)?  Is it to pursue the agenda of the Congress? The CBI has always been derisively dubbed as the `Congress Bureau of Investigation’. That’s because there have been several instances where the CBI failed to...
  2. Vilifying a dead man, how noble is that?

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    By M S Hussain   As part of my professional duties, I had occasion to meet with Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy several times, both when he was leader of the Opposition and later as chief minister from 2004 through 2009. I found him to be an amiable gentleman, well-read with a quick-wit and a...
  3. Anatomy of an Indian election

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    By Andhra Watch   A survey by a media institution has concluded that money and liquor had influenced about 45 percent of the voters in the byelections in Kadapa, earlier this month. The survey by Centre for Media Studies conducted two days after the results on May 13 says that...
  4. Kadapa, where records are broken

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    By Vijay Marur   It’s not that YSR was the first Chief Minister accused of being corrupt. And not at all that he will be the last. But better people than me have acknowledged that YSR with the help of his son took wealth assimilation to new and greater heights....
  5. Match-fixing in Kadapa

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    By Y S Jaganmohan ReddyKadapa and Pulivendula are just two byelections but the stakes are obviously very high for the Congress. Which is why it is dumping money and ministers who are camping in Kadapa, are threatening officials with transfers and vigilance raids if they do not do their bidding....