1. Kerala elephants to get I-cards

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    Before Nandan Nilekani’s Aadhaar project gives cards to people in Kerala, the state’s elephants will have their I-cards. The Forest department will issue elephant data books to owners of the elephants, which will contain all details of the elly, including its photo, physical features, health details etc. The Times of...
  2. I am a FOOL

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    By Nivedita   Often we read about elephants running amok. Why wouldn’t they? When a clever man for his needs slurps at the idea of encroaching into the elephant’s home i.e., forests for his business needs. That clever man has forgotten that when they rob animals of their home, they...
  3. Get Lord Ayyappa back to Sabarimala

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    By Ullash Kumar November 17 marks the beginning of the Vrikshikam month in the Malayalam calender that ushers in the Ayyappa season. But I wonder if Lord Ayyappa resides anymore in Sabarimala. Shocking as this may sound, I say this with all respect and responsibility. I say this because today...