1. `Mr Kumble, keep your passes and garbage with you’

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    So the corporators of Bangalore have shown the stuff they are made of. That they too know their cricket. Karnataka State Cricket Association president Anil Kumble must be wondering how to deal with this googly now. Miffed with the KSCA’s refusal to part with 450 passes for every IPL match...
  2. And now, India gets a kuppathotti !

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    After `Kolaveri’ non-Tamilians now could learn another Tamizh word : `Kuppathotti’ which literally translates to dustbin. www.kuppathotti.com is a website which will take care of your junk material at home – be it old newspapers and magazines, plastic, iron, aluminium etc. You need a plumber or electrician, just send your...
  3. Horrifying !

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    By Padmaja Narsipur   I’m a horror wuss – whether stories or movies, I usually stay well away – mostly! There’s something so seductive and tempting about supernatural and paranormal stories that I usually can’t resist taking a sneak peak into an odd trailer or a book excerpt, and it’s...
  4. We can make Hyderabad stink

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    By K Chandrasekhar Rao All the two and a half lakh government employees in Telangana will start a non-cooperation movement from February 17. This will also include RTC bus drivers, teachers and even lawyers. The Telangana Joint Action Committee has asked commuters in buses not to buy tickets and people...
  5. Get Lord Ayyappa back to Sabarimala

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    By Ullash Kumar November 17 marks the beginning of the Vrikshikam month in the Malayalam calender that ushers in the Ayyappa season. But I wonder if Lord Ayyappa resides anymore in Sabarimala. Shocking as this may sound, I say this with all respect and responsibility. I say this because today...