1. Kolaveri over Kolaveri in Kerala

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    Someone out there disapproves of Kolaveri. The superhit song, which crossed 50 million hits on You tube, now faces a PIL in the Kerala High court, with a prayer to ban it for the negative effect it has on children. The song ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’, written and sung by...
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    After Twitter, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Office has made its debut on popular video-sharing website Youtube. PTI reports that the PMO said it will now be communicating with the people “more” through videos. “PMOIndia is now also on Youtube at pmofficeindia. We will be communicating more with you through videos,”...
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    Matches are made in Heaven they say but making the weddings go global requires creative effort and Youtube. What could have ended up as a limited edition `Dilip weds Mohana’ event, a Tamil wedding in Singapore, has become a mini-global phenomenon in the last couple of weeks because the couple planned innovatively, took the effort to get it shot...
  4. Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di

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    By T S Sudhir For the past four days `Kolaveri’ odu tollai taangalai on my twitter timeline. Most tweets asking what is this Kolaveri and what does the word `Kolaveri’ mean, weren’t seductive enough for me to go google, especially when Tamil isn’t exactly one of my strong points. I...