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    Matches are made in Heaven they say but making the weddings go global requires creative effort and Youtube. What could have ended up as a limited edition `Dilip weds Mohana’ event, a Tamil wedding in Singapore, has become a mini-global phenomenon in the last couple of weeks because the couple planned innovatively, took the effort to get it shot...
  2. Censorship in the Kolaveri era is a joke

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    By Nisha Sanjeev Little did `Gandhian’ political party know when they set out to play their cards on the Web that this is the generation of kolaveris. The instant era.  So while the executive of the web companies did not oblige the government, the web-nation erupted in protest the moment...
  3. Kapil bowls an out-swinger to the web

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    By T S Sudhir Bravo Mr Kapil Sibal. Today you confirmed what I always thought you were. A loyal Dus Janpathiya. I fully support your move to regulate and teach a lesson to these website waala. It is nice that you wear your loyalty on your blackberry. I fully appreciate...