1. Farming between two lines

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    By Uma Sudhir All through his growing up years and later, my father has enjoyed the reputation of being an ace at mathematics and logic in family circles, and would love to throw little `puzzle’ challenges to us. One that came back to me suddenly the other day was: How...
  2. A lollipop called Deputy !

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    By T S Sudhir He may not be a traffic-stopper in the usual sense in which the phrase is used, but stop the traffic he did, all morning on Saturday in different parts of Hyderabad. Everywhere there was a statue of a Congress dignitary, Andhra Pradesh’s newly notified deputy chief...
  3. Medak church, a touch shorter than the Charminar

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    By Andhra Watch A church built with the objective of giving work and food to landless poor during the World War I famine stands testimony to decades of neglect of the Telangana region even after Medak where it is located, was represented two decades ago in the Lok Sabha by...