1. Nirvana in God’s own country

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    By Parthasarathy If you are one of those less fortunate human beings and suffer from tension, anger, worry and what not, go to Kerala, which has rightly been called God’s own country. Two days there doing what we did will give you that feeling of light-headedness, joy, and contentment. What...
  2. Halong Bay – The Descending Dragon

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    Often termed by the Vietnamese as the World’s Eighth wonder, Ha Long Bay is indeed a geological wonder. The USP of the Bay are the calm waters and hundreds of limestone islands dotting the sea. Some of these islands are inhabited and are huge in size, others although small in...
  3. My Himalayan retreat at Raju’s

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    By Praveen Maloo In June, I visited Gushaini, set in the beautiful Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Gushaini is a quaint little Himalayan village in Kullu district. Its close proximity to the Great Himalayan National Park attracts quite a few nature lovers every year. What Gushaini offers is some wonderful...