1. Hinglish Tinglish!

    Posted by Rama Menon
    The British quit India long ago but left behind a legacy in the form of English. Despite the heavy regional influence on the language, English continues to connect people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Tripura. Each region has a specific dialect, which Indians consider their `mother tongue’. Written...
  2. Tiffin thoughts

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    By Raamesh Gowri Raghavan   Tiffin – a word that belonged to Victorian England, but which has now been completely annexed by Indians. And especially South Indians at that, who have given it its rich, nuanced meanings.   A word that immediately summons daydreams of crisp vadai, ambade, dosai, bajji,...
  3. Big(gest) dosa is beautiful, a bit too salty as well !

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    By Andhra Watch   As if in keeping with Vijayawada’s status as a busy railway junction, the dosa was as long as a railway compartment. The 38.5 feet long dosa prepared by the hoteliers of Vijayawada, the longest dosa ever made in the world, is now part of the Guinness...