1. Congress risks, TDP rewards

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    I don’t know if Palvai Govardhan Reddy remembers me or atleast an animated discussion with me at a newspaper office in 1994. Palvai, the also-ran type politico from Nalgonda district, is a loudmouth. Striking at the mighty and powerful within the Andhra Pradesh Congress has always been his claim to...
  2. A new low in governance

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    Just when I thought that the government of Manmohan Singh had reached its nadir by deciding to seek a review of the Supreme Court ruling which cancelled 2G licenses, the government has once again demonstrated that it can plumb to newer depths in perversity. This time it is the Trinamool...
  3. `The Burning Train’ starring Mamata Banerjee

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    The Sun rises in the East. Dinesh Trivedi discovered yesterday that `his sun’ also set in the East. Over one hundred years after the capital of India shifted from Kolkata (then Calcutta) to Delhi, Mamata Banerjee’s Indianised version of the East India Company is threatening to gain control once again....