1. The Maharaja’s Dreamliner

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    At a time when the aviation sector is in a crisis, Air India is about to induct 27 Boeing 787 series Dreamliner aircraft into its fleet. Officials say this could be a possible gamechanger for the airline’s bottomline, given the Dreamliner’s fuel-efficiency and passenger comfort, aesthetics and environment-sensitivity, all of...
  2. Kochi instead of Kozhikode !

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    It was a Thiruvanthapuram-Kozhikode-Kochi-Agathi Alliance Air flight that had taken off from Thiruvananthapuram on Monday morning. 32 passengers were on board. After a while, the crew announced that the flight had laned in Kozhikode but the passengers were stumped when they realised they had landed in Kochi instead. `The Times...