1. BJP’s Laxman rekha on Laxman

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    Staying untrue to its tagline of `party with a difference’, the BJP acted no differently on Bangaru Laxman. Washing its hands off its former national president, the party said “the jail term awarded by the court in a bribery case is part of a legal process which does not involve...
  2. Na tire na retire

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    For a month, they helped lakhs of Indians cultivate the healthy habit of getting up at 5:25 am. The folks back home however, have decided to sharpen their claws. Yes, it is official. The Indian middle class has moved on from Anna and Lokpal and now “high time you should...
  3. Yeddy in No God’s land

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      “Devare Illa, Devare Illa” screamed an agitated B S Yeddyurappa, storming into the BJP meeting. Finding the other leaders perplexed, he fished out a piece of paper from his pocket and read out in English “There is no God”.   “See, I told you na,” chuckled Sushma Swaraj to...