1. Almost everyone loves a `poor’ India

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    Last week, there was a huge uproar in the Lok Sabha because the Planning Commission decided that poverty has decreased in the country by 7% since 2004. The planning comission also said that “These calculations are based on the daily per capita consumption of Rs. 28 in urban areas and Rs....
  2. In solidarity with the IAS officers

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    The filing of the chargesheet  by the CBI in the EMAAR land scam has become a full-blown battle between the IAS officers and the political establishment. This is because in its  chargesheet, it named two serving IAS officers and a retired IAS officer. One officer, L.V.Subramanyam is currently the Executive officer of...
  3. The ‘vindication’ of the PM

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    “Unfortunately, those who were expected to give proper advice to the PM and place full facts and the legal position before him failed to do so. ” So observed the Honourable Supreme Court, in a landmark judgement yesterday. The judgement was given pertaining to a case filed by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy questioning the delay in...