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By M S Hussain


I think that the United States and the rest of the white man’s gang has got it backwards. Instead of being shown up for hypocrisy, I think the U.S., U.K., France, Italy and Canada should move immediately to seize control of the oil fields of Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. Why? Because then the supply of cheap oil to gas pumps in the U.S. and the U.K. would become cheaper, maybe less than 2 dollars a gallon. 


The rulers of the Middle Eastern monarchies can repair to the redoubts of Las Vegas, and live a life of ease and comfort, while Uncle Sam and its faithful orderly, the United Kingdom, can bring order to the Middle Eastern oil markets–be it production and supply. 


I do not see why the white man has to fight for control of oil, country by country, instead of just telling the likes of Ahmadinejad,  Abdullah, Khalifa, Sabah, Said, aL Nahyan and al Thani that their numbers are up, and they should pack their bags and their numerous wives and scores of children and move to Vegas. 


Once the monarchs leave, I am thinking that Paul Wolfowitz can be made Plenipotentiary of Saudi Arabia, William Kristol gets to run Iran, Charles Krauthammer gets to manage Oman, Elliot Abrams can be pressed into service of the nation (U.S.) to manage Qatar and Abu Dhabi, Douglas Feith and David Frum can be made bosses of Bahrain and Kuwait. 


Where would India stand in such a situation? I think Sardar Manmohan Singh should move swiftly to ensure that India gets its fair share of the oil from the Middle East. That can happen only if throws India’s lot behind the white man as he perseveres to safe the Middle East from itself. 


Oops! I forgot. Who will run Libya for the white man, then? Why, Rahm Emanuel is eminently qualified to apportion Libya’s oil resources. 





  1. November 1, 2011

    S V L Narayan

    Vijay,I bet that was the most satisfying pee you ever had!

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