1. Mayawatiji, aap utejit mat hoyiye

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     By T S Sudhir If Mayawati is to be believed, Sonia Gandhi may soon say “Aap baith jayiye” to Meira Kumar, while ushering her to the Prime Minister’s chair. This, the UP chief minister predicts, will be the Congress’s big ticket move ahead of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh...
  2. For Anna or against him? Do I have a choice?

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    By Archana Venkat The Indian English media (mainly TV), perhaps influenced by the American media, seems to want to take sides on every issue worthy of public consumption. Covering the Anna Hazare campaign has been no different. Every prominent English news channel has resorted to taking sides on the issue...
  3. Take Telangana to Delhi

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    By Uma SudhirThe student was quite agitated. She was accusing Nizamabad MP Madhu Yaskhi Goud, and members of his ilk, of playing with the lives of students by organising frequent bandhs, hartals, rail roko for the cause of Telangana. “We lost precious sessions last academic year. You want to agitate....
  4. Man, maun-ji does not Singh

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    By T S Sudhir So Dr Manmohan Singh has shared never-told-before secrets. Six hours of sleep in a 24-hour cycle. No weekly off. No vacation either. Makes one wonder if all work and no play has made Jack an MMS. Another politician who used to boast about working for 18...
  5. Baba on black sheep gets the UPA’s goat

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    By T S SudhirOnce bitten, twice shy. That’s precisely how MMS & Co reacted to the second `uprising’ of civil society in two months in Delhi. Pushed to a corner by Anna Hazare’s outing at Jantar Mantar in April, the UPA obviously concluded that handling such men in the fast...
  6. Why is black UPA’s favourite colour?

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      By N Chandrababu NaiduThe nation is rocked by unending revelations of corruption in high places with large amounts of black money and ill-gotten wealth stashed away in tax havens. The people of the country are alarmed and shocked at the enormity of the frauds and corruption that have resulted...