1. Swamy to be part of NDA

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      NDA has decided to include Subramanian Swamy’s Janata Party as an ally. This was announced by BJP MP S S Ahluwalia. What this means is that Swamy will no longer be seen as a freelance politician going after allegedly corrupt politicians. Two, this marks the coming together of the...
  2. Swamy David doesn’t slay Chidu Goliath

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    Remember, how before the Indian team left for Australia, all of India was upbeat about their cricketing Gods. How the “strongest ever” Team India had the best chance to conquer “the final frontier”.   4-0 is now history as the Gods were found to have feet of clay that just did not...
  3. Swamy, Anna and friends

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    By T S Sudhir If there are two persons, just about everyone in the UPA government would wish did not exist, they would be Anna Hazare and Subramanian Swamy. It is increasingly proving to be a case of Heads Anna Wins, Tails Swamy wins. And in just about every battle,...