1. When a Red sees red

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    Top Odisha Maoist Sabyasachi Panda who was responsible for the abduction of two Italian tourists in March this year may have snapped ties with the CPI-Maoist. In an audio message released last week, Sabyasachi has introduced himself as the secretary of Odisha Maovadi (Maoist) Party and not as the secretary...
  2. Do journalists sleep with the `enemy’?

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    Sampad Mahapatra was heading back from the jungle when we spoke. The `long’ phone conversation, however had to be split into four parts, thanks to the cellphone signals that kept dropping. My former colleague in NDTV, Odisha, Sampad was returning to Bhubaneswar after one of the most adventurous and dramatic...
  3. The Port of Pain

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    After a five-day lull, the war over Posco land is all set to enter its final phase. The onset of the monsoon and heavy rains following a depression over the Bay of Bengal may delay it by a day or two but with both the state government and the local...
  4. Orissa’s corporate `Meria’

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    By Sampad Mahapatra Can a minority of 4000-odd people hold Orissa and India to ransom? Do they have any right to stand in the way of the biggest Foreign Direct Investment in India, the Rs 52,000 crore South Korean project that would generate huge amounts of revenue and employment and...