1. All pray and no play for Suresh Kalmadi

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    Suresh Kalmadi is in prayer mode in his native village Kalmadi near Udupi in Karnataka. The New Indian Express reports that the former IOA boss offered a sacred `Chathupavithra Naagamandala Seva’ on Friday. The prayer, following the advice from an astrologer, is an attempt to overcome ‘Naagadosha’. During the Commonwealth...
  2. 53 Mahatmas for one George Washington

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    By T S Sudhir I fear it would happen soon. Am sure some numerologist or vaastu expert or expert of any kind is going to blame the fall in the rupee on its new design. And atheist-in-chief Karunanidhi would laugh his guts out and point out that in his reign, the...
  3. If you pray, you are fighting global warming !

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    By Bala   Global warming is a problem that is attracting the attention of scientists, governments and world conservation bodies the past few years.   A layman’s explanation is – as the percentage of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere increases, the atmospheric temperature rises, which increases global warming.   “Carbon sequestration”...