1. ‘Telangana’ survey on United AP valid

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    Source : AP News Live There was a lot of hue and cry against the findings of  the CNN-IBN & CNBC-TV18 ‘State of the Nation Poll’ conducted by ‘CSDS’ in July 2011 which said that only 50% of people in Telangana region support the division of AP. Now, an independent...
  2. Dividing UP and AP : Top-Down and Bottom-UP

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    By Gautam Pingle The decision of the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Cabinet and its Chief Minister Mayawati of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) to request division of UP into four States is no surprise. She has already had four stints as Chief Minister, in 1995, for four and half months; in...
  3. Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation (Telangana) Act, 2011

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    By Raamesh Gowri Raghavan   No, this is not my effort to introduce a Bill on my own and go on hunger strike to force Parliament into enacting it. I am a little on the heavy side, and cannot endure a fast that lasts more than six hours. Nor am...
  4. What if Telangana state is formed?

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    By Narasimha Reddy   There are many people apprehensive about what might happen if Telangana becomes a separate state.   Water is an important factor. With regard to two important river basins in Andhra Pradesh, there are adjudicating structures and changes are all part of these structures. The recent Krishna...
  5. Let’s form Andhrandhra

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    By Raamesh Gowri Raghavan Andhra Pradesh politics has turned radioactive over the past one and a half years (perhaps because of the uranium deposits discovered in Pulivendula). Angels will baulk and fools will rush into it – as our Harvard-educated P. Chidambaram can testify. So why am I getting into...