1. Telangana: An opportunity lost?

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    “What I did was simple. I declared that the British could not order me about in my own country”, I read Mahatma Gandhi saying, while reading up for my English exam the next day. The Non-cooperation and movement and the later Civil disobedience movement were the coolest schemes ever employed....
  2. The footpath opposite Cinemax

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    “Would you like to see Ra.one tonight?” texted my dad one evening last October. Of course I’d like to see Ra.one, I’d love to see Ra.one. There was a special screening at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad that night. So, my  sister and I, contrary to how we generally dress up for...
  3. Driving lives

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    “Oh la la, oh la la…” “Music bandh karo” he says irritably. Frantic bickering. Hint of a soon-to-come outburst every now and then. “You don’t love me anymore” she says. The biting cold pricks their skin, but neither of them moves closer. She starts sobbing again. He sighs, silent, having...