SMS war in Nandamuri family?

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Source : AP News Live

A few channels and some websites have been running stories since Monday morning about how an SMS war broke out in the Nandamuri family. According to these unconfirmed reports, text messages have been doing the rounds in the state asking Nandamuri fans not to watch Jr NTR’s latest release Dammu.

The purported SMS is as follows:

” not support dhamu cinema

and nandamuri hero simha

only mana balaya

jai balaya

jai telugu desam”

This is being seen as a fallout of the Vamsi episode, which was perceived as the latest example of the widening gap between TDP leadership and Jr NTR family and friends. Earlier there were reports that the Krishna district bandh call given by TDP, which coincided with Dammu film release, was deliberate.

And then the Vamsi episode which showed the cracks within TDP. Now, the so-called messages show that the relations have further deteriorated between NTR and Chandrababu.

But the catch is whether TDP will stoop so low as to undermine a film, which is no big deal for a political party. The fact that the SMSes actually mention the name TDP also cast a doubt on their authenticity.

The messages look more like a mischief being carried out by interested parties, rather than reflecting the official voice of TDP.

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