Jagan’s meetings make TDP nervous

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Y S Jaganmohan Reddy seems to be setting the cat among the pigeons. First his meeting with Vallabhaneni Vamsi in Vijayawada upset the Telugu Desam and now his meeting with actor Mohan Babu has set tongues wagging.

Vamsi is close to actor Junior NTR and his meeting with Jagan has led to speculation if the YSR Congress is fishing in troubled waters given the not so cosy relationship between the NTR family and Chandrababu Naidu (read Naidu’s blogpost on Jagan). Jagan is also reported to be scouting for non-Reddy leaders in different coastal Andhra districts to be able to stitch together an umbrella coalition of different communities so that his outfit does not get branded as a Reddy party.

There was a more ready explanation for his meeting Mohan Babu. The actor’s daughter-in-law Veronica, who delivered twins recently, is Jagan’s cousin and therefore it was a political meeting couched in a family affair. Mohan Babu who was once a TDP MP, has kept away from active politics in recent years and is being reportedly wooed back by Naidu. But you can never tell with the maverick actor what he will do next.

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